Good morning! I’ve been toying around forever trying to find my niche. I’ve blogged for a while and never really found my calling. I kept trying to force myself to share recipes and kid activities to do in Las Vegas, but now my kids are older. They don’t want to be the focus of Mommy’s thoughts for the day. And their activities! I never realized how much time it takes to raise kids in the city. Cooking fell by the wayside, quick and easy has become the norm in our house. Eating out has become my favorite thing to do, gluten free eating out to be specific.

So, long story short, I’ve decided to focus my writing energies on reviewing products, books, and restaurants that I am currently enjoying. I hope you are ready to take a peak into my newly focused life with ME as the center. It feels nice to not just be “Mommy” anymore and be ME, Laura. A gluten free woman with a purpose.


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