Gluten Free Products

BFree gluten free bread review

Gluten free bread has a bad rap. It can be hard to find and often times is just disappointing. Now that summer is practically knocking on my door, I need to find a way to pack a quick portable lunch that doesn’t leave me sad and hungry. Breakfast can use some sprucing up also. I am tired of watching everyone else eat french toast (one of my all time favorite breakfasts, but having to sit on the sidelines because my bread doesn’t hold up to the custard mixture.

I’ve tried tons of different gluten free breads. Some have been amazing…but super expensive (who wants to spend $12 on just a single baguette??) Some have been affordable, but less than stellar–who wants more holes than bread? This past month I’ve found a new company BFree. They are in my local Smiths and seem like the ideal solution to my summer time dilemma.

Fast forward a few weeks and BFree bread is still holding its own. I am quite impressed by the lack of holes (especially since my old favorite gluten free bread has been more holes than bread lately). So rock on BFree! I have found my new bread best friend!

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